Booty Cupcake

Come and watch my booty shake, cuz I'm a booty cupcake.

I know it's old, but it's funny as hell.

Well, I suppose hell really isn't funny, that's where people are tortured and whatnot. That expression should change.

Funny as fuck? No, nothing funny about sex, well sex is fun that's for sure, but not really hilarious. Unless it involves a midget, everything is always funny when a midget is involved.

Funny as a clown? Does it amuse you? Does it make you laugh? Is it here to make you laugh? Tell me what's funny. I think that works, but then you'd just have people criticizing your Joe Pesci impression. So, back to square one.

Funny as a clown who is not necessarily here to amuse you, just funny, okay fine, funny as a midget. Geez.


  1. where can i find a copy of the booty cupcake video.. i can't find it any where


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