Thursday, April 8, 2004

Condi: I can't remember, I'm stupid

She testified that she did not remember whether she discussed with Bush concerns about al Qaeda cells inside the United States.

"I don't remember the al Qaeda cells being something that we were told we needed to do something about," she said.

Rice said that the FBI was pursuing the cells and that 70 full field investigations were under way. Do you want to know more?

I do not believe one word from that elitist bitch's mouth. Lord only knows she got her job because Bush needed to fill a fucking quota. *redneck voice* Oooh look at me, I hired a darkie! OoooH! You can't call me a racist redneck now! Oooh! *redneck voice*


  1. Elitist bitch?! That's another example of a typical
    response from a libtard who can't understand how a
    black woman has done better in life than he has.
    You probably believe that all black women should
    be on welfare an beholden to the Democratic party.

  2. Yes. That is exactly what I believe, moron. Being an elitist bitch has nothing to do with her being black. You racist.


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