Wednesday, April 21, 2004

The Draft is wrong

This pissed me off. The draft is wrong. It makes no sense. Let's see, you can't get enough support for your war, so you have to FORCE people to fight in it. Gee golly, that makes a lot of sense.

If there is a draft, I'm not going. Plain and simple. I'd rather be butt raped by a large inmate. Then smoke two joints.*

Now, if the war is fought on American soil, I would proudly defend my country.

*Sublime reference


  1. I take that back... nobody would have to hand me one... I gots mine own... ;)

  2. I personally don't feel the draft will ever have to be used. However, I think women should be drafted just as much as men. And, I agree, if there was something going on here, hand me a gun and get out of my way...

  3. In some modern countries, young men and women must serve 1-3 years in the armed forces. Would you rather have a guaranteed uni, or take the gamble? (No way in Hell that there's going to be a draft next year, btw. Wouldn't be prudent. Hagel's a fucking retard.)

    Now, if the Army were to devise an elite bushido unit, you know I'd be there. ;)

  4. There ain't gonna be no draft. It's just some wahoo Senator looking for some press. Charley Rangel is probably pummeling the guy right now for stepping on his hysterical BS soapbox.