Let the kid play football.

The Supreme Court, yes, the highest court in the land, decided not to allow a player less than 3 years removed from high school, to enter the NFL draft this weekend. What the hell is wrong with this country that petty cases (involving SPORTS, no less) are decided by the highest court in the land?

Why was this a matter for the supreme court?


  1. If the kid can play football, let him play friggin' football. *sigh*

  2. I disagree. The guy didn't finish high school. The last thing we need are MORE stupid people in this world. The dude needs to go back to high school and learn something. THEN maybe he could contribute to the world.

  3. Any case, including this one, is worthy of Supreme Court scrutiny if the Court is willing to grant certiorari on it. Think of the Lawrence v. Texas case from last year... it could easily be argued that some archaic state sodomy statute was relatively unimportant in relation to the big picture. Thankfully, the Court disagreed with that assessment.

    That said, I think Justice Ginsburg made the wrong decision yesterday. But there are myriad reasons why she's sitting on the bench of the highest court in the land and I'm sitting, well... where I'm sitting.

  4. The NFL is essential a giant country club, it should govern itself, with it's own rules.

  5. after more thought, I changed my mind. Especially hearing that the kid didn't finish high school. This is my final opinion. High school diploma a must, just as most NORMAL jobs in the US. Also, I don't think minors should be endorsing alcohol. Since Budwieser is such a big deal to the NFL, I don't think minors should be associated with the endorsements. There, I said it.


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