Narc on Cops

Jason had an interesting encounter with a cop recently, and so did I.

Ah, it was this past Thursday night. I was on MD RT-108 in Montgomery County driving back from picking up some friends: Jenna, Alex, Stacey, and Chance. I had actually just pulled on that road, when very much to my surprise, all of a sudden, I see sirens and a big fucking bright light behind me. "What the fuck?", I thought. I wasn't speeding. I had just pulled on the road and was going 35MPH, which the speed limit is actually 40MPH. I swear, not 20 feet after pulling on this road, this cop felt the need to pull me over for no apparent reason.

But there was a reason, he told me that my tags were NOT registered. I called bullshit. Gave him my license & registration, he went back to his car to presumably jerk off to them or something. He came back and said the MVA (DMV to you non-Marylanders) fucked up when they renewed my registration, typing an O when it actually is a 0. If that isn't sad and pathetic I do not know what is.

So I was told I have to get this fixed. But really, who gives a flying fuck? It's not like they can arrest me for this error. They know it's MY CAR and that it is AN ERROR. So I'll fix it whenever. Who cares. And if I have to pay to get this corrected, then fuck it.


  1. Why is it that no matter what state you're in, the dumb cops are always in Montgomery County??


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