The Punisher

REVENGE WEEKEND! 2 for the price of 1! ALL VENGENANCE MUST GO!!! Okay, it wasn't two for the price one, I still got shafted by The Man. So how was The Punisher? It was ok. Just ok. It had some funny parts, some cool action sequences, but it could have been better. Thomas Jane was alright, but nothing special. John Travolta was going thru the motions, he was just combining his styles from Pulp Fiction, Face/Off, and Swordfish, which if you think of it, is really just one style, but he does make a devilish bad guy. I thought Dave, Bumpo, and Joan were pointless characters. Gee, we have a revenge movie, how can we get Rebecca Romijn in it? Utterly pointless. No, no wait. She had a purpose, a teenage masturbatory purpose. Zing. They could have actually had a part to the story, instead they were just there taking up screen time. The only solid performance Eddie Jemison (Ocean's Eleven), but his role was small as well. This movie was pretty much Thomas Jane vs. John Travolta. I never read the comic, and I thought it was just an okay movie. Who knows what the diehard's will think of it.


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