Why be naked? Why not be naked?

In fact, being naked with other people somehow forces people to treat each other less sexually. Mike explained: "One of the governing mechanisms is that the men have to avoid having erections. That's a major faux pas, at a naked party. This means there's very little sexual conversation. Being naked puts everyone on the same level, kind of vulnerable. There's more eye contact, and more talk about the weather. At most clothed parties, it's more overt that people are hitting on each other--naked parties are actually less sexual."

So, what is the point, then? To put it in the words of Brandon King, "People say, well, if it's not for sex, and it's not for hygiene, then why be naked? But the Pundits say, why not be naked?" Do you want to know more?

I just found this interesting, and it's a good way to ask, have you ever streaked?

via Roger


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