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The image has nothing do with child brides or cows or angry virgins. It just makes me giggle.

Angry virgins tackle child bride
ZULU King Goodwill Zwelithini's child bride has been fined a cow by outraged neighbours, who this week accused the 17-year-old teenager of violating Swaziland's prohibition on teenage marriage.

Twenty virgin maidens, led by a senior tribal council elder, marched on Zola Mafu's modest family home outside Swaziland's sugar-growing town of Siteki last Saturday and refused to leave until they were given a cow.

The chanting girls then promptly slaughtered the sacrificial beast, warning that they also intended to march on King Zwelithini's KwaKhangela palace 200km away in northern KwaZulu-Natal where Mafu is living in seclusion with Queen Mantfombi.

I wonder how much a cow is actually worth. Like what's the exchange rate?


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