The Day After Tomorrow

Ever since I first saw the preview, I have been dying to see this. I'm just a big weather geek, really. Nothing more to it than that. I love movies about freakish weather. Just taking that into consideration, this movie doesn't disappoint, but the movie is just so damn stupid.

Nothing about the weather is stupid, it's that when the Sam character is in New York City with his classmates, they are watching the FOX5 DC news. In fact, even the people in Los Angelos were watching the DC local news. Looks like somebody only had enough money to use one overlay. Morons.

Then, Sam and his classmates need to raid an abandoned ship in the NYC streets for medicine, and out of nowhere, they have flashlights. They could have used those in the library when the power went out. But no, they forsaw the future.

This movie was good, but if you're not a weather junkie, then it's not required viewing. Basically it's a popcorn movie, but I didn't eat any popcorn.


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