What's wrong with me?

So I was at work and I see this lady carrying a bagel on a plate and what do you think the first thing that came to my mind? No, I it wasn't mmmm that is a tastey bagel. It was, I wonder what she'd do if I put some windex on it. Yes, windex. I really should stay at home.

But anyway, I think you're hot.


  1. Why aren't you going to HFStival? Did it not sink in that this might be the last chance you'll have for seeing The Cure in the DC area? At least, not for the next few years, maybe. By then you'll be old and in a home and they won't let you go to the HFStival because you'll need to stay inside and take your liver pills and play bingo with the other old people who missed out on HFStival. Anyway, by then all of the other bands there will suck balls and sound like whiney emo shit. Is that what you really want, to be a crusty old man deprived of crappy kid music and The Cure because you didn't go tomorrow? Is it?? Because that's where your path leads, mister.

    Also, you need to be less of a tool and act like you like me again. Or at least make a half-assed effort to talk to me. It's sad that I have to read your b-log just to see what you're up to (BTW, she'd probably look at her bagel, then at you, then ask "why?" and demand that you reimburse her.)

    One more thing, Freedomtickler's coming to Bmore in June. We should go and see him, only if I want to look starry-eyed at a bass player who will actually talk to me after his set.

    Know what's really sad? I'm typing this in here so that I will be assured that you'll read it.

    That's all.

  2. Julie,
    I'm sorry I haven't talked to you. I still like you, things have just been hectic recently. I feel terrible, believe me, it is not my intention to ignore you. Please forgive me.

    And I LOVE The Cure but I am FLAT BROKE at the moment, i'm not even kidding. Broke.


  3. Ok Boz, I signed up, and while I'm at it, I will find some moola, stick it in a envelope type thingy and mail it to your broke ass, okay? I know, I should send you monies anyway...forgive me?

  4. I feel ya, but man, for $40 you missed what is going to be one of the top 10 Cure appearances of all time, guaranteed. They played a bunch of stuff off of the new album that comes out this June. I was seriously like thisclose to Robert Smith. They filmed me singing along to Inbetween Days!!! I winked at the camera!!! EEE!!! And luckily the stupid hicks who usually go the HFStival didn't mosh to The Cure! (although they did to Jay-Z... why??) My only regret is not bringing the camera. :/

    As for money, you could always be a manwhore or do what I do and go up to your father and, in your sweetest little girl voice, say "Daddy..." and mention that you're getting straight A's in school and there's this (blank) that you really need in order to keep that 4.0 GPA.


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