Fahrenheit 9/11

I saw Michael Moore's excellent new documentary today. I thought if I waited til Monday it wouldn't be as crowded, with it being a work day and all. I mean, I saw it at 2pm, and the theater was packed like it was a Friday. That should say something about how important this movie is, or maybe it just says a lot of people don't have jobs. Who knows...

So what did I think? Is this movie mostly "lies" and "liberal propoganda"? Nope. I dare somebody, anybody to try to point out the lies. There's no buying a gun at a bank in this movie. It's not lies. Moore uses Bush's own words.

I did think he put too much of a focus on Flint, Michigan. I know that's his hometown, but if he wanted to localize the issue, he should have chosen a city he was not from. But other than that, I loved it.

Anybody that bashes this film before seeing it is a fucking fool. You need to see this. This film was released at this time for one reason and one reason only: to influence the coming election. It should play in the theaters all the way to November 7th.

Everybody needs to see this film. Hopefully every theater will not enforce the R rating like the one in the picture. Then even more people will see what Bush really is.


  1. so.fucking.awesome. its a must see for everyone.

    yeah.... i work at KFC.

  2. www.michaelmoorehatesamerica.com

    Looks like this will be a pretty good documentary.

  3. I skipped work to see it yesterday - it was better than what I expected, which says a lot as I'm a big fan of Moore's movies and shows.,


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