Typing is not just for fingers

Type your username with your...

Nose: bozzt
Elbow: nb poxyh
Tongue: 7 6,mg [yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck]
Chin: bvlkyt
Feet: bnoxzxyu
Back of Your Hand: g00de8y
Palm: bg09sxzsz76


  1. Hmm, my username is my real name. Well, not like I've practiced typing with exotic body parts or anything...

    nose: u8lia

    elbow: jjuliaa

    tongue: julia (I have a very nimble tongue :P)

    nChin: jmjuh,lika (...and a wee chin.)

    feet: ju,ia

    eyebrow: 7yu69iiq2a

    back of hand: jkuiloia

    palm: jnuj,kkzs

    mouse: (on a laptop, using a glass paperweight of equal size) jkuil;lioios


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