Suspect Zero

Okay, remember that episode of The X-files? No, I don't have a specific one in mind, but after you see this film, you can't help but think, "Was this on an X-files episode"? Aaron Eckhart plays Mulder and Carrie-Ann Moss plays Scully and they are in New Mexico trying to find el chubacabras a guy named Suspect Zero, played by Ben Kingsly. But we'll call him Skinner for the hell of it.

So Skinner goes around killing people, and Mulder and Scully get sent to New Mexico to track him down...only they realize, well Mulder first, then the skeptical Scully, that Skinner is really only killing serial killers, and it is because of this fact that makes him darn tootin' impossible to catch! For you see, he has no pattern, Mulder proclaims.

Breaking news, if Skinner always leaves behind a circle with a line through it, then he has a FUCKING pattern.

All in all, this is kinda entertaining, if you just had a lobotomy... otherwise, stay up late and catch "The X Files" on FX or SciFi, whichever plays it now anyways.


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