Sunday, October 24, 2004

The Grudge

It's now a trend to take a Japanese horror film and Americanize it. Before "The Ring", there was "Ringu", and before "The Grudge", there was Gringo, ok just kidding, the was Ju on: The Grudge...not much of a title change there...

This movie could have easily been only 30 minutes, because it's just too drawn out. The scary sequences are great and all, but after 30 minutes of them, you just ask, WHAT ELSE? There is nothing else to this movie. Even the backstory of the house is under developed. It's like one person saw the Japanese version and then told other people to make it, without actually telling those people to watch it. It's forced. Forced and underdeveloped.

Should you see this? If you want to. I wouldn't pay over 8 bucks for it, so try to catch the matinee.

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