Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Christmas With the Kranks

What the hell is so bad about this movie? It's a little fluffy, sure, but if you honestly expected different, you'd have to have your head examined with a bullet. For real, this is a cute movie about what happenes when a couple's only child finally isn't home for a Christmas. It's got plenty of humor. Some over the top, some not, but you really don't care about the humor that's over the top. It's fluffy humor. Just laugh.

That said, why the hell was Luther Krank (TIM ALLEN) villified for "skipping christmas" by taking his wife on a cruise? That was the only thing that really pissed me off, having actually "skipped christmas" one year, 1998. It's the most awesome thing. No presents, no decorations, no cards, and most importantly, no family. Just get out of town.

When you judge a movie, you have to judge it based on it's genre, in this case, that's comedy fluff, as comedy fluffs go, this was hilarious. But yeah, if you judge it on the Godfather, of course you won't like this movie. Boy, I'd love to witness the reaction, "WHAT THE HELL, THIS AIN'T NO CRIME MOVIE!!!"

Stupid morons.

Enjoy the fluff.

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