From the WTF column...

I just saw a bumper sticker that said "Proudly Marching to the Beat of a Different Kettle of Fish", then I googled it and found out about this site, but it doesn't answer the question, what the fuck is a kettle of fish? Who puts fish in a kettle? Let's look up the word 'Kettle', ok?

1. A metal pot, usually with a lid, for boiling or stewing.
2. A teakettle.
3. Music. A kettledrum.
4. Geology. A depression left in a mass of glacial drift, formed by the melting of an isolated block of glacial ice.
5. A pothole.

Okay, I do not think it's a metal pot, unless they were really hungry and started singing about the fish they were cooking, and I know it's not a kettledrum, that's absurd. Could it be a depression filled with fish? Possibly. I know it's not a pot hole, so you have to think it's a depression.

Suddenly I have lost my train of thought.

Oh yeah, bumper stickers are stupid and decrease the value of your car. But if you insist, don't have some pseudo-intellectual nonsense on it.


  1. heh... bozzy's pissed... that's funny

    dude, i love funny shit like that. i want a bumpersticker that says

    "cheese tornado space pepper" lmao. that would be funny.

    ok... i'm on crack.


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