Holiday Eating Tip #1

I know you love stuffing. Don't we all? But that does not give you any excuse to eat a whole can of Stoufer's. Do not do that, and I am speaking from experience. A few weeks ago, I was hungry, okay, so I get hungry every day, okay so I get hungry every hour, but a few weeks ago, in one of these bouts of hungerness, I could not find anything to eat, and the more time that elapsed, the more-- well you know, you get hungry too, don't lie. Anyway, there was nothing to eat. I was looking through the pantry and came across a can of Stoufer's, because, you know, nothing comes closer to home. The serving size was 6-8 people. Thing was, I was the only one there. While the voices in my head do contradict that previous statement, they cannot eat, so in all actuality, I was alone. So I ate that can of Stoufer's, all of it. All of it. If you ever wanted to see true agony, then eat too much bread, you'll get true agony. You have no idea how bloated I felt. I was literally stuffed!

So please, when Grandma asks you to pass the stuffing, give her the cranberries instead, because the only thing worse than a bloated Bozzy is a bloated grandma.


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