Must have been a slow year

Karl Rove is up for Time's Person of the Year. I guess they needed another name and grabbed his out of hat, whilst drunk.


  1. Hey did you happen to catch the Simpsons re-run a day or two ago? It was the "Homer the Vigilante." episode from 1994--one of the really good ones.

    It was like a picture-perfect foreshadowing of the current state of the nation with Homer serving as the analogy of the President.

    Here's a link of the full transcript of the episode if you didn't see it, or can't remember it:

    Here's one scene that made me go, "heyyyy...just like bush!" --
    (The townspeople have gathered to come up with a solution to the burglary attacks)
    Flanders: Welcome, neighbors. Since the police can't seem to get off their dufferoonies to do something about this burglarino, I think it's time we started our own neighborhood watch...eroony!
    [Everyone cheers]
    Now, who should lead the group?
    Man: You!
    Everyone: Yay! Flanders! Flanders! Flanders!
    Flanders: I don't really have very much experience, but I'll --
    Moe: Someone else!
    Everyone: Yay! Someone else! Someone else! Someone else!
    Homer: I'm someone else.
    Lenny: He's right!
    Homer: We don't need a thinker. We need a do-er:
    someone who'll act without considering the
    Everyone: Homer! Homer! Homer!
    -- "Homer the Vigilante"

    ...and here's another scene:
    (That night at dinner, Homer relates his antics to the rest of the family.)
    Homer: So I said to him, "Look, buddy, your car was upside down when we got here. And as for your Grandma, she shouldn't have mouthed off like that!"
    Lisa: Dad, don't you see you're abusing your power
    like all vigilantes? I mean, if you're the police, who will police the police?
    Homer: I dunno. Coast Guard?
    Marge: Homer, wasn't the whole point to catch the Cat Burglar?
    Lisa: And I still don't have my saxophone.
    Homer: Lisa, the mob is working on getting your
    saxophone back. But we've also expanded into other important areas. [reads from a list] Literacy programs, preserving our beloved covered bridges, world domination --
    Lisa: World domination?
    Homer: Oh ho, heh, that might be a typo.
    [thinks] Mental note--the girl knows too much.
    -- "Homer the Vigilante"

    Bush is quite the vigilante, wouldn't you say?
    I think the men driving behind the scenes of the bush administration, may have watched this episode when drafting up their plan to successfully seize power and abuse it, all with the approval of the malleable American people.


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