Sunday, November 28, 2004


This is a movie about a stuggling writer (PAUL GIAMATTI) and a struggling actor (THOMAS HADEN CHURCH) and their week long fun before CHURCH's wedding. It is filled with many wine jokes and full frontal and rear nudity.

I never really liked Thomas Haden Church before, I mean, he was sorta funny on WINGS, but NED & STACY sucked ass, but he actually does a great job here. I wouldn't be surprised if he got a best supporting actor oscar nomimation, although the role really is just being himself, since he really is a struggling actor. There's many parallels to his actual career.

Paul Giamatti I have always been a fan of. Pretty much since I saw PRIVATE PARTS, and he really should get a best actor nomination here. His role was a little more difficult than Church's.

So if you like wine jokes, full and rear nudity, see this movie. Wait, forget about the nudity, see this movie anyway.

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