Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Damn, that's a lot of lights


Yeah, there's this house in Columbia, no where near mine thank you, that I guess is occupied by the Griswalds. For about the last 20 years they go all out with exterior lumination. It's a little freaky, I mean there is a nativity scene and the baby Jesus doesn't get put out til Christmas Morning, but you can't help but do a drive-by every year.

Here's a shot I purposely took out of focus, I think it looks awesome. If you don't, then you're a (Is anybody here Jewish?) fucking Jew. ;-)

When they started doing this their kids were, um, still kids, but it's amazing how they keep this up year after year, even as their kids move into their mid-twenties. Yeah, those "kids" must still be helping them... or they better be.

That said, one of these years from now, they'll eventually stop this all-out exterior lumination and maybe just have a few bushes lit up, or maybe none at all. That'll be sad. I would say it'll be the day Christmas dies, but with all the rampant commercialization of Christmas we have now, it's already on life support.


  1. I will be in Columbia soon for winter vacation. Where this place? I gots to check it out.

  2. if it ain't a black baby jesus, then i ain't drivin' by dammit!