Blogger Round Up 2: THEY KEEP POSTING, FUCK!

Michele is trying to quit smoking and also thinks today's yutes have it easy.
Final Cut Pro Versus iMovie? Roger Avary examines.
Matthew Yglesias discusses The Medicare Crisis.
Oliver Willis thinks "Superman" is going to suck.
Mark pimps my site, so I return the favor.
Fry Still needs to post more.
Wil Wheaton gives a preview of his MacWorld presentation. (It's already happened, but still a good read.)
Avram talks about all his previous cars.
Froggie lost 75lbs and has the pictures to prove it
Zoe has lost 23lbs and her underwear is baggy. A little TMI, there.
Ryan: Dell sucks.
w00tah has this neato image thing
Billy Ray Brewton posts his 20 favorite directors of all time.

And I'm a libertarian, socially speaking.


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