Can I get a collective "Ewww"?

Jenna Jameson now offers her moans and grunts for your cell phone for only $2.50.

That's just wrong. I have trouble explaining how my phone sings my name in a seductive manner (on Sprint, you can download a song that sings your name, they have all names, unless yours is Nimbanoson, then you may run into trouble) or the reason why I have the fraggle rock theme song in my phone.

Anyway, can just imagine the looks you'll get if your phone ring is a pornstar's moans and grunts? That's just too real.


  1. Hey there is nothing wrong with fraggle rock i have that one on my phone to

  2. My ringtone right now is Cyndi Lauper, but I have Def Leppard and Ozzy set for important people.


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