Never Race Me

That's right, never race me. Even if we're only going the speed limit.

Yeah, so earlier tonight (or this morning, whatever) I was on this road in Reisterstown, MD with Lily and the speed limit was 40. I'm in the right lane and this Mitisubishi (I know I raped the spelling, but it's late) Eclipse is the in left lane. We're neck and neck, and I nudge in front and then he does, and all this while going the speed limit.

Well, after is quite obvious what we were doing, his girl looks at my car, and then I see their car pull ahead really fast, probably topping out around 60. He makes a turn not too far head, doesn't use his turn signal or (this is the biggie) doesn't slow down much. He goes up onto the curb and hits a tree.

They seemed to be okay, they drove away right after it happened, but man, was that stupid. So fellas, showing off is not a good thing. When your girl says "yo yo you can take this guy, speed the fuck up", you gotta slap that bitch and tell her it's your car and you don't wanna fucking crash it. Yeah, slap that bitch. Well, only metaphorically, fucking ass.


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