A night to remember

Last night started innocently enough, I left Columbia to go to Reisterstown to pick up Lily because we had plans to see Vyral at Thunderdome.

But I forgot to get directions before leaving the house. So we had to make a quick stop at Lily's to get directions, plus she needed to change out of her work clothes. Only, her friend Liz locked the bottom lock to the apartment and her boyfriend never gave her a key to that lock, so she called him and pleaded with him to come over, as we had to get to Baltimore by 8pm, and it was already 7.

Fifteen minutes later. We're on our way to her boyfriend's friend's apartment where he's at so we can get the key. We get the key, head back to the other apartment. We don't start on our way to Baltimore til about 7:40 or so.

The directions to Thunderdome were fucked up too. We wound up going the wrong way on 895 (on the right side, not that wrong way, silly) and because of this we had to go through the Harbor tunnel TWICE. Luckily I have an EZPass, but still, very annoying.

We got to thunderdome at 8:15, to find that it was...da da da...wait for it...wait for it....canceled. Due to snow that stopped HOURS ago. We hung around talking to people til 9, then decided to go to Sonar where we stayed til 2am, and then I drove Lily home, then went home myself. Fun times. Even if you do hit a few snags along the way.

And BTW, I was dancing last night at Sonar. And no, there is no video of it, for if there were, I'd have to kill the cameraman and destroy the tape.


  1. Do you ever go to the rap battles at Sonar? Those can be pretty good.


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