WHFS returns, but there's a catch

WHFS is now back on Baltimore's 105.7, but there's a catch. While Howard Stern and the Don & Mike show will still air in the mornings and afternoons, Ron & Fez has been dropped (but it is still on WJFK), as 105.7 will now play WHFS's alternative rock playlist evenings, overnights, and weekends. WHFS is also available as internet radio as part of American Online's Radio@AOL service. But it's not currently working for Mac users. WTF, AOL?

I really don't care, the real WHFS moved to 103.1 WRNR when Infinity bought the station, what just moved to 105.7 is just a Top-40 station, but they did bring back Tim Virgin.

And for those who don't know, The Sports Junkies is now on WJFK.


  1. Oh well at least there is a part time whfs, still going to miss listening to love line.


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