Anime is Retarded

It's Japanese for starters. And the characters are totally un-Asian. They have big, American eyes. It's like Michael Jackson turning white because he didn't like being black. The Japanese draw anime because they want to look like Americans.

Plus Anime is mostly full of hideous girlie laughs, high pitched screeches that could probably break every window in a 30 mile radius or at the very least kill a kitty.

It's okay to like anime if you're a thirteen year old girl, but any year after that, you're gonna need some serious psychiatrical help. Especially if you have a penis.

Anime is retarded. It's a stupid hobby. Find a better one.


  1. True. Anime is a Jap attempt to corupt American youth. Its COMPLETELY taken over Cartoon Network. I havent seen a Loony Tune in two years. Pokemon is a perfect example.

    A good parody is the South Park "Chinpokomon" episode. Makes sense.

  2. U SUCK! I don't think peeps should obsess over anime either, but it's fun to watch every once in a while. Im 14 and A GUY and I like anime. Im no geek either. My best friends Japanese and I go to Japan ALOT!!! JAPANESE DO NOT WANT TO LOOK LIKE AMERICANS!!!!! GO TO HELL! And what about the anime for guys do u want grls to ewatch that too????? And Pokemon is not even anime thats was produced by an american! Fullmetal Alchemist is anime! Anime is really cool! I like it and theres nothing u can say to change that! And Dano Whoever if u wornt so poor u could get Boomerang to watch all of ur stupid Bugsbunny cartoons. U PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK!!! U ARE A DISGRACE AND U CAN GO TO HELL! AND AGAIN JAPANESE , DONT CALL THEM JAPS U RACISTS!!!, DONT WANT TO LOOK AMERICANS!!!!! GO TO FLIPPIN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anime is fucking retarded.

  4. im gonna make this short and simple, anime is gay(:

  5. No, anime is not retarted, sorry. Who cares if they look un-asian? Some of the american characters look un-american. It's just the way they draw their art. It doesn't make them stupid. You sound like you're a whiney 16 year old.

    Who are you to judge what it is and not ok to do and if you'd need psychological help? You're not a psychiatrist.

    You don't have a right to say what's wrong for people to watch or not.

    Conclusion: Anime is not retarted.

    P.S. Mememe if you want to stick up for something, don't do it with caps lock on and excessive exclamation points if you can avoid it.


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