Man, what was so bad about this movie? I heard so many bad things about it, that Keanu Reeves has another "Neo" role, that he can't act, that the movie is stupid. All of which are entirely untrue. Well, maybe somewhat untrue, Keanu Reeves does tend to overact sometimes, but he's still a decent actor. What surprised me the most is that in the film Keanu Reeves actually smokes. Sometimes actors will "pretend smoke", but he wasn't, I never knew he was a smoker...

ANYWAY, "Constantine" is a very entertaining film. It's got a real good x-files presence to it, a great rendition of Hell and other afterlife folk, and some good comic relief from Shia LeBeouf. I also thought Tilda Swinton and Peter Stormare were brilliantly casted.

It's a very well made film, plus the main character never kisses the love interest in the movie. How many movies have that cliche? Tons.

Go see it, and when you do, stay to the very end. Past the credits.


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