I want to challenge your grandmother to a fight to the death.

Apparently, the list was not enough. People just did not quite understand the gravity of the situation: your grandmother is an elitist bitch who must be stopped at all costs.

Yes, that's right. She's an elitist. She just sits there, in that nursing home, or maybe in your attic, rocking back and forth, constantly plotting ways to be a bitch. You come in the room, she'll hassle you about trying her cookies. Look old hag, I don't want your cookies, I said no the first time you asked. Stop asking.

What's more is that your grandmother constantly references the sex she had with your grandfather. Not only is this disgusting, it too proves she's an elitist bitch. Most grandmothers would know better, they'd know that describing old timer sex is very disgusting to young people, but oh no, not your grandmother, she thinks she's oh so special. Fuck her, she's not special.

Your grandmother even makes the retards look bad. You know those retards, at that house down your street, sponsored by some stupid charitable organization who takes care of speds. Your grandmother is more annoying than them. Big time.

Face it, you're lucky if you were adopted and aren't related by blood to the grandmother you have, but that only means you don't have any bitch in you. Well, in all likelihood, you do, as 99.9% (margin of error +- .1%) of grandmothers are stupid cunts.

Have a nice day.

BTW, your brother smells.

-My Grandmother is awesome.


  1. Yeah i agree with the cookies thing imagine trying to eat your grandmothers cookies when she cannot even she was she is grabbing measuring let alone cooking last time she made cookies she made then with salt instead of sugar


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