Meet the Fockers and White Noise OR movies that I forgot to review

I wasn't expecting much. Ben Stiller should star in every movie. Seriously, I hate Ben Stiller. With a huge undying passion. He can't act. He does the same personality in every fucking movie. How is he still getting work? Put him on TV so he can be offically typecasted.

The only redeeming qualities about this movie are the interactions between Dustin Hoffman, Barbara Striesand, and Robert De Niro.

And the baby.

Michael Keaton tries his best, but cannot save this from it's horribly written plot. The movie has no cohesion, it starts out as a good thriller, but then really goes off the deep end. Plus, EVP is not as simple as the movie makes it out to be. But that's okay I guess, horray for dramatic license.


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