Robert L. Ehrlich Jr is an Asshole

Who's Robert L. Ehrlich Jr? The Governor of Maryland.
Why is Robert L. Ehrlich Jr an asshole? He surrounded himself by conniving little fucks who tried to smear Baltimore mayor Martin O'Malley out of the gubernational race before it even began. Martin O'Malley denounced all the rumors.

If you don't know, Martin O'Malley is expected to challenge Robert L. Ehrlich for Governor in 2006.

Now you can scream at me all you want til your face turns blue about Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich didn't know a damn thing about this rumor being spread, but that's a bunch of baloney. Yes, baloney! Of course the Governor wasn't the one making the rumors, that's what his staff members are for. And considering how bad Robert L. Ehrlich smeared Kathleen Kennedy Townsend in 2002, well, this is to be expected, it's his true character.

Still want more proof Robert L. Ehrlich is an ass?
Read it and weep,
Ehrlich said an apology was premature and denied any involvement in spreading the rumor. Do you want to know more?

An apology was premature? Excuse me, one of your aides fucking hurt one of your citizen's family, an apology is needed. I do not care if you did not know, you apologize anyway! Fucking douchebag.

Robert L. Ehrlich Jr is an asshole, just look at his picture, those beady little eyes... *shudder*


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