ToeJam & Earl

Back in the day when I was a wee lad in middle school I used to love toejam & earl, it was the best game evar. Two hip aliens cruisin in their "Rapmaster Rocket Ship" crash land on Earth and had to find all the parts to rebuild the said Rapmaster rocket ship to return to Funkotron. You cannot get any better than that.

People would get in their way, like the boogeyman, hola dancers, or an Earth-shattering opera singer.

Or sometimes they'd catch themselves on the edge of a cliff, or God forbid, fall off one.

And I always loved the connection it had to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, in that to advance to the next level, you needed to locate a phonebooth.

This is making me want to awaken the Genesis from it's several year long hibernation and play it.


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