Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Bankruptcy Bill Protects Those Poor Creditors

CURRENTLY: You file for bankruptcy and you get released from your credit card debt and you cannnot get any credit for at least 7 years.

ONCE THE BILL GOES INTO EFFECT (it's already been signed): You file for bankruptcy, but you do NOT get released from your credit card debt. You cannot get credit for at least 7 years.

What is the fucking point of filing for bankruptcy if you still have to pay your debts to your creditors? Is this bill retroactive? Do the people who died years ago with debts still owe money? Do their families still owe this money? This is fucking gay. Gay gay gay gay.

Really, this is getting absurd.

I hope every one of the 74 senators who approved of this bullshit bill get dysentery and die a slow and painful death.

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