Bower or Shath?

If you aren't aware, I'm a big guy. I'm almost six foot five inches tall. As a result, most bath tubs simply are too tiny for the likes of myself. But taking baths can be so very relaxing sometimes....those times where the half of you not underwater isn't freezing that is. That's the main problem. I can only have half of me underwater at any given moment. How can I relax in those conditions?

Then today it suddenly dawned on me. Why not leave the showerhead running while I'm sitting down in the tub? That way, my underwater and above water halves are happy as one is underwater and the other is being hit with hot water! "Eureka!" I probably would have said if I was the one to use such words, but I actually said something along the lines of, "Cool", and continued masturbating washing the dirt off.

Now I now what you're about to say, baths are disgusting because you just sit around in your stagnant filth. Yes, I'm aware, that's why I normally take showers, but every once in a blue moon, I may have that urge to get in the tub other than to get clean. No no, not that. Well alright, that too. Now, sitting in the tub and enjoying the bath right off the bat, that's a no-no. Pools have it correctly. You gotta shower first. So, you shower til you are clean, then you sit down, put the plug in, and let the water hit you on your back.

So that's why I asked bower or shath? It's a combination of the two. I hope you guessed that right away, or you may be forced into riding the short bus.


  1. OMG... my husband does the exact same thing. :) Not often, but he's 6'5" too and I totally understand. Besides, shath sounds kinky...

  2. It does sound kinky.

  3. If you were prone to saying "Eureka!" in the bath, you would earn the nickname "Archimedes." :)


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