I Lost My Glasses in Baltimore.

Money spent on gas ... $20
Price of admission into Sonar ... $22.50
Losing your glasses to a gust a wind while waiting in line to get into Sonar ... priceless!

Yeah, we got to Sonar at about 7PM last night, and had to stand outside in the fucking cold for an hour before they let us in to see the show...I mean before they FRISKED us and then let us in. And um, it was windy, to say the least. Everybody was joking around at first but things started to get ugly when people started shouting "IT'S FUCKING COLD!!!! LET US IN!!!!", but anyway, back to the wind and how windy it was... This huge gust came down, while I happened to be standing on a sewer grate, knocked my glasses off, and before I could even say the word 'glasses', they were gone. We looked all around the grate, the ally it was in the middle of, and alas, no glasses. I lost my glasses in Baltimore.

But Chevelle rocked. And we played pool with the lead singer of Crossfade, Eddie Sloan.

Quote of the day: "This show better be worth losing your glasses over." -Me after I lost my glasses. Fucking wind.


  1. that pic proves that we met crossfade!

    I was the one ho figured out that his glasses went down the drain, bozzy check out my LJ post man

    Lily De'flower

  2. The picture link is broken.

  3. you have to click on the name 'lily de'flower' for the link.

  4. I did do that, but the image doesn't load

    I get this link:

    which doesn't load....

  5. [...] Tonight I’ll be at Sonar to see Seether and Crossfade! Hopefully it’ll go better than llast time… I really don’t want to lose another pair of glasses. Playing pool again with Eddie would be cool though. [...]


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