Latest movie reviews (GUESS WHO, THE RING TWO, and ROBOTS)

There's so many stars in this movie, but the best has to be Robin Williams, without a doubt. He completely stole this movie. Too bad a few of his great lines were stolen by the preview, but he did have enough to spare. All in all, this is a film kids and adults will enjoy together, for different reasons. It's on sound moral grounds as well. It has a great message that everybody is spedecial and that everybody can accomplish anything. Take the kids, the dogs, the cats, the gerbials, and the goldfish, they can all benefit.

You cannot say that about this one. Take yourself, and maybe a friend, if you want to see him/her suffer a slow and painful death. 7 days? Forget that shit, this will kill you in 2 hours. It's basically a continutation from the first movie, but uses most of the same gags. The big difference? It tries to get all Exorcist on your ass. That's right, Samara now wants to possess Aidan! It's not completely devoid of horror, the scene in which Samara climbs out of the well to chase after Rachel, that's truly terrifying. But that's about it. Can't wait for DARK WATER. That looks like THE RING THREE. (That was sarcasm.)

Let's give it up for racist jokes! Yeah! Okay, so this movie is clearly about race, and that pisses me off. We already have plenty of focus on differences, yet we need Bernie Mac and Ashton Kutcher to show us more? Okay okay, I'm being a hardass here, Bernie and Ashton have excellent chemisty and are hysterical, and it was too funny to see my friend Dana shout out "ASTRO TURF!" at the top of her lungs before any of the characters on the screen did. OMFG. She also enjoyed when the movie ridiculed the common myth about white guys and their penii. I'm going to stop there. Anyway, this is a movie you can take the kids to, it's not too overtop with violence, and there's no drug content. Yay for Hollywood, that's 2 out of 3 today for kid friendly pictures.


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