Homework: Find the gas station closest to you with the highest price of regular gas and vandalize it's propterty. Spray paint "LOL PRICE GOUGING IS FUN!" somewhere on the property. Hell you could even spray paint, "OPEC has anal with America", but just don't go saying I made you do it if you are dumb enough to get caught.

If you really wanna get noticed, destroy the station's price chart.

Have fun, and try not to get arrested.

BTW, If you are not angry at the moment, listen up: In the next few days prices will jump 24 cents, to a national average of $2.16.

Thank you President Bush, you fucking pussy.

There is a good thing, however, the dumbfucks are not buying SUVs and trucks.


  1. yeah these prices are a joke was 1.84 earlier this week its now at 2.04

  2. 2.04??? that's what used to be cheap out here...san francisco if you can get the cheap stuff for 2.39 or so it's a bargain....and i live across the fucking bay from the refinery that makes the's the stupidest thing EVER!!!

    i should seriousley go over to the Shell station (they're usually around 2.50 or 2.60 and play around with their signage...that could breed some interesting results...


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