OPEC Has Anal With America

The Gas stations around here just leaped foward in $$$ (not time, jackass) from $1.99 to $2.09, in like two days, for regular unleaded gasoline. What the hell is going on? A year ago the prices were $1.67, and that generated tons of outrage.

What, are we to believe that this winter has been the coldest ever in the last 100,000 million gazillion billion years that the cost of oil to heat our homes is like a million billion fucking dollars? It's the same fucking amount it's always been. Next we'll hear how gas prices will have to be around $2.50 during the summer because of all the travel people do. Yes, it's the same amount of travel people did under the Clinton Administration, but nowadays people like to drive around aimlessly and also make a 4,000 mile trek to visit their dog. Plus all the teens love doing donuts in the Denny's parking lot from 2am to 5am, every God foresaken day. Yes, we consistantly use more and more gas!

Everyone at OPEC needs to be killed. I mean, some guy needs to board a plane, fly over to whatever the fuck country OPEC operates in, and systematically take his Uzi and shoot every worker there 50 million times in their balls, which by the way, have you ever seen what a bullet does to someone's balls at point blank range? Neither have I, but I assume it's the appropre punishment for those losers at OPEC. Fucking faggots.

Kill all those fuckin OPECies!!!!! Damnit this is America! We like are women loose and are gasoline cheap God damnit!


  1. Yeah i second that kill them all those greedy bastards


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