Pay now, submit paper claim form later

I have a sinus infection, which is almost as bad as having a Linus infection, but it's still pretty bad.

I just found out the Augmentin I was prescribed is going to cost me $90, that's a little absurd, don't you think? It's also more than I can afford. Thank you, CareLast with your "pay now, submit paper claim form later" asinine policy.

If you would like to donate, paypal any amount to You'll finally be able to earn my respect, or hold on to that respect if you think you already have it. ^_^

Update 10pm
I got $26 so far...$1 from Froggie and $25 from "Boanerges", a poster on teh forums. You guys rock.

another update: 7:45am 3/22
Jason donated $4 to push the total to $30.

yet another update 1pm
I lowered prices for the blogads, just $10 for a 1-week ad. The most cost-effective is the 3-month ad, which is $70. So you can buy an ad to donate to the fund, and actually get something for your money!

shit, he keeps updating, tell him to stop 6:42pm
Thank you all for donating and helping me get my antibiotics, I used your money to get them. I only had to shell out $60 of my own. Much more managable. Thank you all.


  1. Get better Boz! I sent ya a couple of bills for each nostril.

    I selected it as a "Service" expense. Heh. That totally made me feel all dirty.


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