Rehab - It Don't Matter

I absolutely love this song, it came out a couple years ago, was never really mainstream and I do not understand why.

Da Da Da Da Da
Da Da Da
Da Da Da

Sittin in traffic another day of feeling nothing
Tryin to find somethin
I guess its back to ----- paint and model glue
How I die when I look at you smilin
Lovin life and all I know is blue
Rainy days and cold stares, broken love affairs
Everythings beautiful as long as I aint there
I guess I wasnt meant to crack a smile
Who cares, I think Ill go to sleep for a while now

Im barely livin in my skin
Depressions my only friend
And I dont know where I am headed
Trying to forget where Ive been
And Im so sick of lyin
God, please, show me that silver linen
Cuz I heard tale and Im not well
My heads full of hell and this words a jail, but

Chorus x2
And it dont matter and I dont care
I let my pain into the air
Cuz everything goods over there
And everything heres hard to bear

And as the pain begins to displace
Had it to ear level with this place
You see it on my face a state of suspended grace
Gradually, I erase and find comfort in this sickest womb
I may be present but not in the room
To whom it may consume
Melting ensembles
Bleeding chellos running through bordellos
Drama like Othello
Hidin out from Poncharello
Dead off in the median
Fallin apart like usual
Handin out flyers to my funeral

And so they say that lifes a play
And that all the worlds a stage
And for another part I pray
The show the ends the same way every day
And my heart carries the pain
of a brain I cant explain
Am I insane? Am I insane?

Chorus x2

And everything good is gone x3
And everything bad is here x3
It doesnt really matter know does it

Chorus x2

Its hard to bear
And everything heres hard to bear x2
Everything heres hard to bear


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