Who the fuck is Terry Schiavo and Why should I care?

I was reading Google News this morning and I saw this mess about this woman named Terry Schiavo, who's apparently been on life support for about the last 15 years. I think that's absurdly cruel to do to a human being, to leave them alive when they cannot think or do the normal things we take for granted. It's really just a matter of the family being selfish and/or afraid to start the grieving process, they keep their daughter/wife alive so they never have to do that. Lazy fucking childish bastards.

Furthermore, this is yet another incident of Congress wasting tax payer dollars for bullshit reasons. First it was MLB and steroids, as if the Government needs to be involved in sports...now it's this fucking story. The fate of the country does not rest on Terry Schiavo, don't throw money at it.

For a background of the case, head on over to About.com.


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