Maryland Stars are the Best

I'm bored so I'm going to share with you the stars from Maryland. Honestly you can get this info from, but I present it away.

Spike Jonze - Rockville, MD - You know him best for directing BEING JOHN MALKOVICH and ADAPTATION.

Edward Norton - Columbia, MD - You know him best for FIGHT CLUB, AMERICAN HISTORY X, PRIMAL FEAR, and THE 25TH HOUR.

Josh Charles - Baltimore, MD - Got his start in "Dead Poets Society". He was on "Sports Nite", and had a major role in "SWAT" and "Four Brothers".

Thomas Jane - Baltimore, MD - The Punisher, Deep Blue Sea.

Anna Faris - Baltimore, MD - Started out in the SCARY MOVIE series and is also in LOST IN TRANSLATION and WAITING.

Daniel Stern - Bethesda, MD - You know him best as Marv in HOME ALONE, Phil in CITY SLICKERS, and Laurence in DINER.

Frank Miller - Olney, MD - You know him best for writing the SIN CITY comic, as well the two ROBOCOP sequels.

John Waters - Baltimore, MD - You may not know him, but he's weird and he makes weird films with lots of stars.

Barry Levinson - Baltimore, MD - This man directed THE NATURAL, WAG THE DOG, BANDITS, GOOD MORNING VIETNAM, RAIN MAN, TOYS, LIBERTY HEIGHTS, and SPHERE, to name a few.

DMX - Baltimore, MD - He raps, and he likes to act with Steven Seagal.

Jada Pinkett-Smith - Baltimore, MD - Actress and wife of Will Smith

David Hasselhoff - Baltimore, MD - Baywatch and Knight Rider, folks.

Bucky Lasek - Baltimore, MD - Skateboarder.

Babe Ruth - Baltimore, MD - He smoked 20 cuban cigars a day, fucked 18 prositutes a night, but he's dead now. -Denis Leary

Michael Phelps - Baltimore, MD - Olympic swimmer.

Cal Ripken Jr - Havre De Grace, MD - Baseball player.

Sisqo - Baltimore, MD - Rapper.

Montel Williams - Baltimore, MD - TV talk show host.

Frank Zappa - Baltimore, MD - Musician.

Parker Posey - Baltimore, MD - Actress. Has been in lots of big films, including BLADE: TRINITY, A MIGHTY WIND, BEST IN SHOW, and WAITING FOR GUFFMAN.

Robin Quivers - Baltimore, MD - Co-host of the Howard Stern show.

Edgar Allen Poe - Baltimore, MD - Writer

John Astin - Baltimore, MD - Actor/Director, father of Sean Astin.

Tom Clancy - Baltimore, MD - Writer

Jeff Nelson - Baltimore, MD - New York Yankees pitcher.

Erik Myers - Columbia, MD - Hilarious stand-up comedian. Fucking hysterical.

Me - Columbia, MD - You're reading his blog right now.

That's it for now, and yes, I did include myself into a list of big celebrities, but it's my blog and I can do whatever the fuck I want. And yes, it did boost my ego and does help me sleep at night.


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