Sin City

Okay, I finally caught up with everybody, I went and saw "Sin City" last night. I had high hopes, and they were not dashed, not one bit. The entire movie keeps you captivated on the end of your seat. I was captured.

The movie felt like three hours long, but I did not care. I think it was only around 2 hours, but I could have and would have sat for aother 2 hours. Some would say that "Sin City" is just a sequence of stories that barely fit into a puzzle at the end, but they're wrong. They are fucking wrong. Watching "Sin City" is like watching a painter paint a masterpeice. Sometimes, it doesn't even feel like these were real actors being shot with a camera. It was like a walking, talking comic book.

This movie is loaded with big name celebrities, but the one who really stood out and BECAME his character is Mickey Rourke. He totally became Marv. Unbelievable. Clive Owen and Nick Stahl also shined brightly. But Michael Madsen was overacting, I wasn't satisfied with his performance at all. Why was Josh Hartnett in this movie at all? They could have found a cheaper, and not to mention better actor to play in his small role. I guess they just wanted star power, or maybe Robert Rodriguez just wanted to cast his friends. Oh well, didn't hurt the movie that much.

I enjoyed this so much I think it deserves a second theater viewing. Robert Rodridguez is the man, and I love how he puts "shot and cut" or sometimes "shot and chopped" in the opening titles, I absolutely love how he shoots and edits all his movies. If any filmmaker deserves the "a film by" credit, it's Robert Rodriguez.


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