According to Jim

I finally watched this show. What an amazing show. James Belushi is hilarious!

This is of course what I would be saying if I liked the kind of humor that involves playing off of and sometimes downright copying your late brother's acts. I'm not totally knocking James here, he has done some funny movies, but in his show he is so trying to be John.


  1. Heh. That's like David Spade desperately searching for another overweight sidekick to replace Farley. And it's sad, because it will never happen.

  2. that's funny, i never could get into it. but you liked family guy and now that i've watched it i can say i do too. yeah, i donno if they will bring back...that one, though. i voted for shows to stay on like arrested development and the office... but i voted to can that show. that's awful to be able to take part in directing the course of someone's future.. pss...change my linkypoo over there to the new one if you would baby. thankya *kisses*

    me havin' fun tonite~!!~!!~!!~!!~~!!


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