Best Saturday Ever

And at the same time, I guess it could have been the worse Saturday and it all started on Friday night at about 10pm, when I drove up to see my friends (Jenna, Stacey, Ricky, Rob & Jen) in Pikesville. I got there at about 10:35, and one of them needed to use my car, well two (Jenna and Stacey) actually, and they didn't get back til about 4AM, and came in the apartment with the news that she (Jenna) just got sexally assualted at a local gas station and spent the hours of 12:30am to 3:00am at a Baltimore County sub station filing a criminal sexual assault charge. You wanna know more about the charge?
Well, when Jenna and Stacey were on their way back from Stacey's parents house picking up some more of her stuff and gas money, they stopped at an Exxon along Reisterstown Road at about 12:30 in the morning (when they said they would be back, and had this not happened they would have been back to the apartment in Pikesville on time) and proceeded to pump some gas. But the nozzle thing wasn't working. So this creepy Indian guy, about 50, who worked there came over to offer his penis assistance to my friends. He fixed the pump and they got gas, and commented on how pretty they looked and asked, "Is there anything else I can get for you two pretty ladies?" And Jenna jokingly said, "A free 20oz Mountain Dew" would be nice. And he said, "Go right ahead." So Jenna goes and gets herself a Mountain Dew, and the guy grabs her, sticks his hand up her vagina and she says, "What the fuck are you doing?" He says back, "You can't get something for nothing, sweetheart." At this point she tries to slap him but he pins her other arm. Luckily, a Baltimore County cop just pulled into the gas station and immediately ordered this pervert on the ground. Jenna and Stacey followed the cop to the station to press charges, and were there for three hours.

When they got back at nearly 4 in the morning, I was tired of watching movies all night (Dodgeball, Dogma, and some of Meet the Partents), and Jen, the person who pays rent in the apartment said it was all her fault because "she dresses like she does" and that "she was asking for it", which pissed all of us off, so we (Jenna, Rob, and I) went to the Denny's in Owings Mills (on Reisterstown Rd) from like 4:20 to 5:30 or something. Which is the appropriate time to be at a Denny's. Stacey and Ricky wanted to sleep and Jen just wanted to be a bitch (because she and the gas pervert seemed determined to make this the worst Saturday ever).

Then we wanted to play pool, but the only hall that would open before 6AM is Jack and Jills in Glen Burnie. So off to that we went. I'm glad we went, because I discovered I am best at pool when I am so tired that my hands shake and cannot keep the cue still. Somehow I manage to sink more balls, I'm not sure how that works.

We gave up pool at about 7, we decided to pick up Mike, who lives in Glen Burnie, and we wound up going to Ellicott City to look for an apartment (Since Jenna and Rob had a desire to move out of Jen's after what happened) and Columbia to buy a 6-pack of Tropicana orange juice from Giant.

Back to Pikesville it was to sleep a little. Jen was still bitchy, so Mike wanted to leave after only 20 minutes, so we got back in the car yet again and drove him back to Glen Burnie, and then went back to Pikesville to sleep, and when we got back, Jen wasn't there. We would have thanked the Lord accordingly but we all were so tired we just passed out after crossing through the threshold most people call a door. So I finally got to sleep at about 1:30 or 2 in the afternoon, and woke up at about 5 and hung out for a few hours before finally driving home.

I may move out there, because this shit is bananas.


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