Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Erik Myers!

I subscribe to the mailing list for the Baltimore Improv and when I checked my email today, well one of the many times I checked it today, I saw that Erik Myers is performing there this Thursday thru Sunday (26-29th) and immediately I thought if this was the same Erik Myers who I knew from Oakland Mills Middle School. I think he is. The Erik Myers I knew was always hysterical so I am not at all surprised by him becoming a stand-up comedian.

So I plan to be there this weekend for one of his shows.

Here is an interview I found and I also found this.

update: very early on 5/30
Went to his Sunday show...fuckin hysterical!


  1. Hey, I lived across the street from EriK Myers until the family moved out sometime when I was a teenager. He was always hysterical. But not only was he funny, but he had a creative mind. He would always come up with some fun games to play...the entire court more or less worshiped him.

  2. Where did you used to live, Pete?

  3. columbia, md...i live on the same street and what pete says is true (sup pete)