Is this thing still on?

I'm pretty dead to the world right now. Saturday night thru Sunday evening I was in Ohio. Had that urge for a random roadtrip, you know. Left with some friends at about 5pm on Saturday, got in the ghetto fantabulous Ohio motel room complete with flying ants by about 2am Sunday morning. Slept. Woke up, drove to some see friends, went to the air force museum, white castle, and left Ohio at about 7:45pm. I didn't get back til about 5am this morning. Didn't get to sleep until 9am. Slept until 2pm.

Yeah, that was short and to the point, but you have to understand, that I was dead at the time.

And you read it correctly, I went to WHITE CASTLE. Would it kill them to open up a place in Maryland? New Jersey is the closest... but New Jersey sucks monkey bladders.

In other events, I just got back from Fletcher's, saw Skitzo Calypso and 7 days torn. Fuckin awesome show.

RIP R. Edward Lopez. You are missed.

Well, I am about to fall aslee


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