Monday, August 8, 2005

Gas Prices Are Unnecessarily High

The average price of gas is $2.40/g for regular unleaded, but at the stations around my home, the prices are a lot closer to $2.50/g. Why do prices have to be so high when ExxonMobile is scoring profits of $7 BILLION? If you're bringing in more money than you need, why keep milking the shit out of your customers? It doesn't make any sense. And all you can do is sit back, relax, and enjoy being price gouged. Because that's legal in America. Haven't you read the constitution? Price gouging is legal.

Also, do not give me this crap that you could just find another means of transportion. "You don't have to drive! You can ride a bike, take a cab, or a bus!" That's fucking bullshit. What about truck drivers? Are truck drivers supposed to carry their loads on their back while they bicycle down I-95? Or maybe they could just throw their shit in the trunk of a cab? Or let some old lady hold it on a bus? Other means my ass.

This is price gouging and President Bush has made it legal in America.


  1. Quit your whining

  2. I agree with you I have always wondered when do they think gas prices are to high? Would be interesting to hear there comments on that.

  3. Quit your whining needs to get a life. Obviously they don't work in an environment where the price of gas means so much to perform thier work. It used to take 40.00 to fill up my tank when I bought my van a few years ago. Now it takes 120.00. Yet the price of crude oil has only made a 25 percent increase from 40.00 a barrel to 65.00 a barrel. Simple math indicates that price goughing is taking place at the pumps right now and I believe that if we allow this and just stand by without jumping and screaming we may never see the end of this. With the war public opinion probably thinks, "Oh, that's why," and everyone just gets passively screwed in the ass. If you think it's just an annoyance and it'll be over soon forget it! WE NEED TO GO BACK TO GAS REGULATION! If everyone in America would boycot gas stations and expose thier improprieties and proove them dishonest, it would make things different.........any feedback out there?

  4. I read the article referenced in the starting post and agree that the multiple "reasons" why oil prices are so high are nothing other than complete unreality. The reality is wars are fought to get control of the competition and allow these con artists to gouge the heck out of everyone.
    China uses more oil - Correct, but no influence by comparison.
    Refinery capacity is too low or damaged by some act of God. - tru, but no influence. There were offers from some nations to build more refineries to reduce the problem, the oil companies turned down the offer. They already closed down several facilities to make refinery capacity low.

    Things we can do to lower consumption. don't idle your cars when it is not needed. Buy smaller vehicles that use less gas. Walk more often for short trips. The list goes on, but the basic concept is to change individual habits to be concious of wasteful practices.

    Nationalize the gas industries, overthrow the governments in these countries and get the prices down.

    Also the automobile industry could use technologies to make cars more efficient.

    Bush, he isn't worth a crap anyway and has interest in the gasoline prices being so high. George is not responsible as so much regarding action, it is inaction and letting others walk all over this weak image of a man. If he really was a leader for our nation, he wouldn't let those get away with their gouging which has been going on ever since he was elected.

  5. I've been told by some that the "boycott ExxonMobil" approach advocated in this ugly site:

    won't work, as it will simply increase demand at other companies' stations. Somehow I find that hard to swallow. I see the U.S. oil industry as nothing more than a cartel in its own right, and ExxonMobil is the major player, with a vast amount of influence.

    Furthermore, a large-scale boycott attempt against a company such as Exxon-Mobil is unlikely to be observed by more than a small percentage of drivers, and would likely have an insignificant effect on the demand at other stations once the boycotters' purchases are spread out among the various competitors.

    But on the other hand, even a small degree of compliance with a boycott against ExxonMobil might be enough to make their management start thinking about whether or not their artificially inflated gas prices are going to come around and bite them in the ass.

  6. If you're still fuming over fuel then this gas poll might fill your tank or empty it depending on your mental meter.