The Chinaman Peed on my Rug!

Chinaman cannot blog legally anymore.

The Chinese government is taking action against bloggers and other sources of online news.

The new censorship means any organisation or individual must register with the authorities before providing news or operating an email distribution list. Portal sites are asked to give priority to government-approved copy rather than their own comment pieces, while the regulations also warn government bodies not to provide content to news websites without government permission.

So to all you Chinaman bloggers out there... keep blogging! Don't let your Gov't tell you what to do! Keep it up! (Yes there isn't a chance of the Chinaman reading this, because I am not banned in China...I am not banned in China...I am not banned in China...I am not banned in China...You don't win friends with salad.

Also, I am aware that Chinaman is not the preferred nomenclatur, Walter.


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