Red Hot Chili Peppers' new album delayed til 2006

I cannot fucking wait for their new album to come out.
"I wish to fuck that we were putting it out sooner," said Kiedis. "I'm so excited about it and I'm so ready for it to be part of the public consciousness. It's a lot different to 'By The Way'. There are some profoundly funky songs and then there are songs that are new for us and don't sound like anything."

It's currently titled, "This Year's Diary".


  1. Another site said it was called "Salty Dong"

  2. Another site said it would be called "Star Affinity"

  3. another website has been sayin that it is yet untitled, so i am just goin to have to wait :'( iv been gearing up for the october release and was devistated when i herd it was to be releases in febuary, i loooooooooooove the chili's and they are teaseing me with this release and connot wait to hear some material from it!!!!!!!!!!

  4. It duznt cum out in februry it come out L8 march early april and the official title is ' Stadium Arcadium'


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