Praying for Hurricane victims?

Yeah, let's pray, that'll help them recover.

OR we could invest more money and BUILD A BETTER LEVEE SYSTEM!

OHMYGOD! It could work!

But if you are gonna rely on praying then let's just bulldoze all the existing levees and put the fate of New Orleans in God's hands.

Fucking idiots spending their time praying when they could do something more constructive and create better levees!

Donate to any charity, do work yourself, but don't waste your time praying! If praying worked then we wouldn't need levees, would we?


  1. "Fucking idiots spending their time praying "
    What a way to look at things!! Honestly, are you more narrow minded than anyone I've ever had the pleasure of meeting! And really, when it comes down to it, praying would do you a lot of good!


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